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About Us



Our Factory produces the highest quality laminated board furniture. We're the leading brand with the 20 years of experience on the market. Our main office is situated in Olszowa (about 80km from Wrocław city).

You can find a wide variety of products in our assortment, such as:

-Modern furniture systems;


-Sliding wardrobes;

-Coffee tables;



Our designs are very ergonomical and versatile. Buyers have the possibility of choosing from countless designs and colours.

We use the hihgest quality laminated board in our products. Our employees have years of experience, which quarantees the highest quality of our furniture. Customer service is fast and reliable. We will do everything to solve your problems as fast as possible.

Our company has also received various certificates, such as:

-Eco- Certificate;

-Highest Quality Certificate;

-European Security Certificate;



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Chests     Coffee Tables     Desks     Hallway Units     Bookcases     Bedrooms     Shoe Organisers    



in our offer


In the catalog we present the latest range of furniture MARIDEX. It includes both our sales hits as well as new
           entrants, models. Clearly presented and described in detail to facilitate finding and selection of furniture, which you are looking for.

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